PT. Fantasi Rekasembada – Pump and Waste Water Specialist Indonesia

PT. Fantasi Rekasembada was established in 1995.

We are specialist in industrial pumps and waste water equipment supply. Product solution, fast delivery, and responsive after sales services are our company value.

We sell to all types of industries such as ceramic, soap, mining, chemical, palm, oil, pulp, food, and beverage.

Our reputation are build on reliability and responsiveness of our services.
Our Products:

Our Vision

We strive to be a highly competitive distributor in Indonesia. fast delivery and responsive after sales service as our company foundation.

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to our customer. We provide product, knowledge, technologies, service, and the people to improve their productivity.

Our Values


Our reputation are built on reliable product solution, fast delivery and after sales sevice.


Treat each other with respect. Work in synergy to achieve Company's goal. Communicate openly and candidly.


Maintain and expect the highest level of ethical behaviour.


Encourage people to consistantly look for new ways to create value and serve better.