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Bi-Lobe Industrial Positive Displacement Blower

Sutorbilt® 8000 Series PD Blowers

Big air applications require highly engineered machines that can handle the job. The Sutorbilt 8000 Series PD blowers and vacuum pumps are synonymous with large flow applications. Every 8000 lives up to the Sutorbilt reputation of quality and reliability making it an industry leader in its class.


The Sutorbilt 8000 series features an enhanced rotor profile which will provide less internal slip and reduce temperature rise. This design feature allows for improved efficiency at higher pressure and vacuum levels. Sutorbilt Blowers offer several options such as water injection, pressure lubrication systems, and closed end impellers to meet your needs. The Sutorbilt line is at the heart of an ever-expanding variety of ail solutions working every minute of every day around the globe. The Sutorbilt 8000 series is part of this proven product line.


  • Available in 10″ – 22″ gear diameters
  • Dynamically balanced impellers constructed of high-density ductile iron
  • One-piece steel shafts constructed of chrome alloy
  • Viton oil seals
  • Labyrinth air seals
  • Splash lubrication standard
  • Dual Splash Lubrication
  • Heat-treated helical timing gears
  • Every Sutorbilt 8000 is manufactured under rigid ISO 9001 quality standards and tested to meet strict performance requirements
  • Backed by local network of experienced and trusted sales and service professionals


  • Mechanical seals for gas applications
  • Corrgard coating
  • Wet vac
  • Force feed lubrication
  • Force feed lubrication with cooler
  • Quiet series reduces noise up to 5 dBA


  • Impellers designed for smooth running and lower bearing loads
  • Larger shaft diameters reduce tosional deflection allowing higher working loads for v-belt drives without additional bearings
  • Seals provide long life and reliable sealing at blower rated temperatures
  • Q series option reduces noise up to 5 dBA


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