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Helical tri-lobe blowers

Twisted Tri-Lobe Blower HeliFlow®

Its all about the Pulse. Reduced Pulsations = Lower Noise = Quieter Operation

The HeliFlow Industrial Series integrates proven experience with blower design and manufacturing techniques to create an innovative low noise solution for positive displacement blower and vacuum pump applications. 


Quiet operation

  • Integrating a proven platform with a unique and innovative rotor design
  • Solid helical tri-lobe rotors
  • Engineered for lower pulsations and lower noise

Higher reliability

  • The HeliFlow smooth pulse operation extends the life of bearings and downstream instrumentation
  • Large diameter shafts provide superior overhung load capacity
  • Dual Splash Lubrication provides longer life and reduced service intervals


  • Solid helical tri-lobe rotors
  • Unique triangular tuned ports
  • Large diameter shafts
  • Oversized spherical roller bearings
  • Helical alloy timing gears
  • Advanced pistion ring air and oil seals
  • Dual splash lubrication
  • Single piece cylinder
  • Available with mechanical seals for gas applications
  • Manufactured under rigid ISO 9001 quality standards and tested to meet strict performance requirements
  • Backed by local network of experienced and trusted sales and service professionals
  • 24/30 month Warranty


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