NMM Series (Mono-block Centrifugal Pumps)

NMM Series (Mono-block Centrifugal Pumps)

General Specifications

Flow Rate                                        : 5 … 450 m3/h
Head                                                 : 4 … 100m
Operation Pressure                       : 10 Bar
Operation Temperature               : -10 … 110°C
Motor Speed Range                      : 1000 … 3600 rpm
Suction Flange                               : DN 50 … DN 200 (PN 16) (DIN 2535)
Discharge Flange                           : DN 32 … DN 150 (PN 16) (DIN 2535)



Fields Of Applications

• Water supply and pumping centers.
• İrrigation, sprinkling, drainage processes.
• Tank systems
• Hot – cold water circulation and cooling system
• Pumping of condensed water
• Swimming pool water circulation.
• Industrial and domestic fluid pumping processes
• Marine applications.


• NMM series pumps are single stage, end-suction, mono-block type centrifugal volute pumps.They are standard standart production with enclosed impeller and mechanical seal.
• Basic dimensions and flow rate EN 733 (DIN 24255) are compatible with proposed values.
• The thrust (axial force) acting on the motor is compensated by means of the abrasion gasket and balancing holes.
• Motor and pump are two separate components and there are two shafts. The motor shaft is joined to the pump shaft by a special clamp. In the case of motors with power over a certain value the pump and the motor shafts are joined by seperate rigid coupling.
• Maintenance – repair processes are very easy due to the back pull-out design.
• Effective use of common parts in the design of the NMM series facilitates spare parts acquisition and delivery times.\
• Standart asynchronous motors are used for propulsion.
• In NMM pumps shaft leaking in prevented with a mechanical seal. All radial and axial thrust forces are supported by the motor bearing.

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