KYP Series (Thermal Oil Pumps)

    KYP Series (Thermal Oil Pumps)

    General Specifications

    Flow Rate                                        : 10 … 400 m3/h
    Head                                                 : 5 … 100 m
    Operation Pressure                       : 16 Bar
    Operation Temperature               : 100 … 350°C
    Motor Speed Range                      : 1500 … 3000 rpm
    Suction Flange                               : DN 40 … DN 125
    Discharge Flange                           : DN 32 … DN 100



    Fields Of Applications

    – Transfer of heat transfer fluid.
    – Chemical installalitons and refineries.
    – Paper and sugar industry
    – Food and pharmaceutical industries
    – Leather industry
    – Plastic and synthetic fiber industries.
    – Rubber industry
    – Vulcanizing and heating industry
    – Textile industry.


    – Single stage, end suction centrifugal pumps.
    – Main pump dimensions are compatible with DIN 24256 (ISO 2858).
    – Single entry, closed type impeller is used.
    – Radial vanes are used behind the impellers to lower the pressure and to balance the thrust (axial force).
    – The pump and the motor are connected by means of a flexible coupling on a common base plate.
    – Maintenance of the pump is very easy. The shaft and other rotating parts can be removed without dismantling the suction and the discharge system.
    – Since the pump uses many standart parts, spare parts are readily avaible.
    – These pumps are designed so that there is no need for external coolimg. Due to natural convection the pump temperature decreases towards the roller bearing.