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Single Pump Unit Boosters

General Specifications

Flow Rate                                        : 2 … 60 m3/h
Head                                                 : 20 – 150 m
Operation Pressure                       : 16 Bar (Max)
Motor Speed Range                      : 2900 – 3600 rpm
Suction Flange                               : 1″1/4 – 3″
Discharge Flange                           : 1″1/4 – 2″



Fields Of Applications

– Apartments and residences.
– Drinking water and water utilization systems.
– Providing water for processes and fire fighting.
– School, business and social facilities.
– Hotels and holiday villages.
– Industrial plants, factories.


– The DS – DB – DM – DMA – DMB – DM65 type booster pumps consist of single, multistage, vertical shaft centrifugal pumps.
– The boosters can be operated automatically or manually.The boosters shold be operated automatically unless necessary otherwise.
– Level floaters of the booster set prevent the pump from functioning without water.
– The pump and the motor are connected by means of a rigid coupling.
– In older to reduce the number of stops and restarts, a pressure stabilizing tank of convenient volume is utilized.
– The pump and the motor are connected by a rigid coupling.
– The pump rotation is clockwise when viewed from the motor end.