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JEP Series

JEP series have been designed to eliminate problems with vibration, short bearing life, high NPSH requirements, high seal maintenance costs and poor tolerance to averse operating conditions.

Streamlined in-outlet volute channel minimize noise level, maximize efficiency by unique designed volute case.
Consists of same parts of the JEP impeller, seal and shaft already EHEDG & 3A certified design.

JEPS Series

JEPS, self-priming pumps are specialized for air and gas contained products which can not be pumped by general centrifugal pumps.
Special designed air screw generates self-priming effect can optimize pump operation.

Optimized and customized impeller size.
Lower noise level and better power consumption.

Modular designed with JEP series.



JEC Centrifugal Pumps JEP/JEPS series are designed for heavy-duty, high efficiency applications

– Ideally suitable for aerated fluids(only JEPS)
– Ideally used as return pumps in CIP systems(Only JEPS)
– Designed for heavy-duty, high efficiency applications
– High efficiency and low power consumption
– Totally cleanable and self-draining for CIP systems
– Low NPSH requirement and noise level
– Faster maintenance easier cleaning and less downtime due to unique front loading seal design
– Easy to interchangeable from a single seal to double seal in minutes
– One sized shaft seal & Optional base mount version
– Maximum pressure : 94psi(6.5bar)
– Maximum capacity : 295GPM(67 ㎥/hr)
– Ideal for hygienic process in dairies, foods, soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, breweries and water treatments