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Rotary Tri-Lobe PD Blower

TriFlow Series PD Blowers 

The TriFlow Series PD Blower and vacuum pump technology is shaping the standards of performance and reliability. Each unit is engineered for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. TriFlow is the choice of leading OEMs of truck mounted cleaning systems thanks to its quiet operation, oil-free air delivery, and flexible installation features.



  • Three lobe impeller geometry
  • Internal feedback porting arrangement
  • Dual splash lubrication
  • Heavy duty bearings
  • High strength timing gears
  • Piston ring and shaft lip seals
  • Flexible installation
  • Integral heat dissipation fins on the case
  • Manufactured under rigid ISO 9001 quality standards and tested to meet strict performance requirements
  • Backed by local network of experienced and trusted sales and service professionals

Main Benefits

  • Quiet operation
    • Three-lobe impeller allows high throughput while creating lower noise, vibration and pulsation levels when compared to two-lobe vacuum products
  • Performance and efficiency in a compact design
  • Heavy duty design for reduced downtime
    • High strength timing gears for longer service life
    • Piston ring and shaft lip seals prevent oil leakage
    • Large cylinder fins provide great heat dissipation
    • Dual splash lubrication
      • Longer life and reduced service intervals
      • Independent oil sumps prevent cross contamination and allow the vacuum pump to operate safely on an incline or decline
  • Flexible installation
    • Integral mounting surfaces are precision machined for ease of installation and drive system alignment
    • Critical mounting dimensions are similar to those of existing two lobe vacuum pumps allowing for system upgrades
    • Flexible porting connections (includes both Flange and FNPT)


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