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Solid Tri-Lobe PD Blowers

RBS Series PD Blowers

Gardner Denver RBS PD blowers and vacuum pumps have combined leading-edge technology and on-the-job experience to continuously deliver this enhanced design and improved performance. The RBS series is the perfect fit for your industry positive displacement blower needs delivering high efficiency, low noise, and quality you can trust.


  • Three lobe impeller geometry
  • Internal feedback porting arrangement
  • Dual splash lubrication
  • Heavy duty bearings
  • High strength timing gears
  • Piston ring and shaft lip seals
  • Flexible installation
  • Integral heat dissipation fins on the case
  • Manufactured under rigid ISO 9001 quality standards and tested to meet strict performance requirements
  • Backed by local network of experienced and trusted sales and service professionals


  • Stainless steel
  • Chemcoat
  • Niploy
  • High vacuum
  • Force feed lubrication
  • Atex certification
  • Special seals
  • Single mechanical seal
  • Double mechanical seal
  • Gland seal

Main Benefits

  • Solid Tri-Lobe rotors offer quiet, efficient operation
  • Robust design for reliability
  • Flexible mounting options for easy drop-in replacement
  • Dual splash lubrication for reduced maintenance intervals and superior durability
  • 100,000 hour bearing life


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